Available Technologies

Imbalanced Bispecific Antibody Technology Platform

How to make “imbalanced bispecific antibody”?

VL part:

  1. If VLa and VLb light chain homology > 80%, design a VLc based on VLa via computer aided design: Maintain VHaVLc’s affinity as close as that of VHaVLa, allow VHbVLc to have reduced affinity compared to VHbVLb.

  2. If VLa and VLb light chain homology < 80%, construct phage ScFV library: VHs of the ScFV library are human germline VH library VLs of the ScFV library are VLa and its mutants derived from error prone PCR at less than 20% of mutation frequency.

VH part:

Use computer aided design to separate the biochemical and biophysical features of VHa and VHb in order to isolate AB from AA and BB at a higher efficiency.

Patented unique technologies

Continuously produce novel therapeutic antibodies

Novel CNS Specific Antibody Platform

"Serial" Internalizing Antibody Platform

Unique feature of second strategy: Screening internalization caused by primary Ab.

Our method avoids internalization triggered by secondary antibody binding