Ab Studio designed antibodies are at clinical stages! GB261, an Fc-Function Enabled and CD3 Affinity De-Tuned CD20/CD3 Bispecific Antibody designed by Ab Studio shows promising new results published in ASH's annual meeting.   Click here for more information.


Using our proven technology of computer-design and on-bench validation, SEND US YOUR PROTEIN SEQUENCE and we will provide a drug candidate OFFERING IMPROVED BALANCE OF SAFETY, EFFICACY, AND MANUFACTURABILITY.  



Ab Studio Inc. is a well-funded start-up Biotech located in San Francisco bay area, USA. Founder and leading scientists have extensive expertise in the field of therapeutic antibody discovery, engineering, humanization and optimization. As a start-up biotech, Ab Studio aims to support the whole therapeutic antibody R&D field with 1) novel technology platforms on making bispecific and internalization antibodies 2) high quality antibody design and engineering services and partnership. We deeply believe in the “quality by design” concept and wish our work can make significant contributions to the whole therapeutic antibody development field. Please visit our website: for more details.

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