Publications of Dr. Jianbo Dong (Director)

Research Publications

1. Jianlong Lou, Weihua Wen, Fraser Conrad, Qi Meng, Jianbo Dong, Zhengda Sun, Consuelo, Garcia‐Rodriguez, Shauna Farr‐Jones, Luisa W. Cheng, Thomas D. Henderson, Jennifer L. Brown, Theresa J. Smith, Leonard A. Smith, Anthony Cormier and James D. Marks (2018) A Single Tri‐Epitopic Antibody Virtually Recapitulates the Potency of a Combination of Three Monoclonal Antibodies in Neutralization of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A. Toxins. 10, 84; doi:10.3390/toxins10020084

2. Fan Y,
Dong J, Lou J, Wen W, Conrad F, Geren IN, Garcia-Rodriguez C, Smith TJ, Smith LA, Ho M, Pires-Alves M, Wilson BA, Marks JD. (2015) Monoclonal Antibodies that Inhibit the Proteolytic Activity of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype/B. Toxins. 7(9):3405-23. Doi:10.3390/toxins7093405

3. Fan Y, Geren IN,
Dong J, Lou J, Wen W, Conrad F, et al. (2015) Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting the Alpha-Exosite of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype/A Inhibit Catalytic Activity. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135306. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0135306

Dong J*, Thompson A*, Fan Y, Lou J, Conrad F, Ho M, Pires-Alves M, Wilson B, Stevens R, and Marks J. (2010) A Single Domain Llama Antibody Potently Inhibits the Enzymatic Activity of Botulinum Neurotoxin by Binding to the Non-Catalytic Alpha-Exosite Binding Region. J Mol Bio. 397(4), 1106-18.

Dong J*, Shi N*, Berke I, Chen L, and Jiang Y. (2005) Structures of the MthK RCK domain and the effect of Ca2+ on gating ring stability. J Biol Chem. 280, 41716-24.

Dong J, Feng Y, and Wandinger-Ness A. (2004) XAPC7, a proteasome Alpha Subunit, Interacts Specifically with Rab7. J Biol Chem. 279, 21334-42.

7. Stein M,
Dong J and Wandinger-Ness A. (2003) Rab proteins and endocytic trafficking: potential targets for therapeutic intervention. Advance Drug Dilivery Reviews. 14, 1421-37

Dong J, Tang T, and Sun F. (2000) Chicken and Xenopus sperm contain a cytosolic soluble factor which can trigger calcium oscillations in mouse eggs. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication. 268, 947-951.

9. Tang T,
Dong J, Huang X, and Sun, F. (2000) Ca2+ oscillations induced by a cytosolic sperm protein factor are mediated by a maternal machinery which functions only once in mammalian eggs. Development. 127, 1141-1150.


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