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Antibody discovery by hybridoma and phage display technologies, combined with computer-aided antibody design (CAAD)



Antibody discovery by hybridoma technology.

Use CAAD to identify epitopes exposed on antigens. Design and implement immunization strategy based on target biology, 3D information and bioinformatics. HT binding, functional, and epitope bin assays to screen the best antibodies. Apply CAAD to select candidates with good developability features.


Antibody screening with phage display technology.

Human naïve ScFv, Llama naïve, and Llama humanized VHH libraries are used to discover hits. CAAD is used to select candidates with good developability features such as less aggregation, less PTMs, and low immunogenicity.


Lead selection.

Candidates with best safety, efficacy, and developability balance are selected as leads