Ab Studio designed antibodies are at clinical stages! GB261, an Fc-Function Enabled and CD3 Affinity De-Tuned CD20/CD3 Bispecific Antibody designed by Ab Studio shows promising new results published in ASH's annual meeting.   Click here for more information.


Using our proven technology of computer-design and on-bench validation, SEND US YOUR PROTEIN SEQUENCE and we will provide a drug candidate OFFERING IMPROVED BALANCE OF SAFETY, EFFICACY, AND MANUFACTURABILITY.  





Computer Aided Antibody Design (Caad)

Traditional Technologies Hybridoma

Traditional Technologies Phage Display




Imbalanced Bispecific Antibodies
Bispecific antibodies with computationally optimized differential binding affinities, biochemical and biophysical features, and a common light chain.

T cell engager bispecific antibodies

Bispecifics against a CSA & CAA

Bispecifics against a CNS target and a BBB (blood brain barrier) target

Development of a novel "imbalanced" CSA bispecific antibody by computational design

Bispecifics involving CD3 binders

Development of Multi-Specific Antibodies by computational design

Start from unknown target antigen

Start from known target antigen

Unique feature of second strategy: Screening internalization caused by primary Ab.

Ab Studio's Internalizing Antibody Case Study: Antibody Against Cancer Antigen-X

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