Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Partnership

Monoclonal Antibody discovery service: hybridoma and phage display

Antigen design via bioinformatics and computer aided design

Antibody development via hybridoma and/or phage display technology

Screening mAb clones for high affinity, high expression, good efficacy and good developability

Bispecific antibody discovery partnership

Apply “knob into hole” plus common light chain technology for bispecific antibody development

Use Ab Studio’s unique methodology to screen common light chain

Apply computer aided design to engineer the two arms of a bi-specifc antibody for better purification efficacy

Internalization antibody discovery partnership

Apply Ab Studio’s unique methodology to screen hybridoma clones secreting cancer specifc internalization antibodies or phages display internalization antibodies

Workflow And Timeline For Antibody Discovery With Hybridoma Technology

Membrane Protein Immunization

Our DNA immunization is applying

IP free protocol

Soluble Protein Immunization

Phage Display

Antigen specific ScFV phage library construction with immunized mouse B cells (if needed), 3-4 months, $30,000

Panning with Ab Studio’s in house human naïve ScFV phage library or the new constructed antigen specific library, 1 month, $30,000 for 10 binding leads

Analyze VH:VL interface naturality and developability of ScFV sequence, 1 month, $30,000

Lead IgG production and characterization with assay developed by clients, 1 month, price TBD

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Patented unique technologies

Continuously produce novel therapeutic antibodies